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Q What  is a pre-order product?
A Reservation products are new products that will be launched. Our website generally provides reservation services before the product is launched, and has a reservation end date. After the reservation end date, we will stop any new reservation orders. Please grasp each reservation product opportunities. When the pre-order product is launched, we will send an email notification to each pre-ordered customer to pay the balance; if the bill has been paid in full, we will send it directly without waiting. You can log in to our members area or follow any email messages we send you.
Q What  is a resale product?
A Resale products are products that have been launched in the market, but are hard to find in the market. Manufacturers have re-launched products in order to satisfy a wide range of customers.
Q What  is a sold out product?
A Sold out products are items that are not in our inventory and hard to find in the market.
Q Why  does the product launch date change?
A Our product launch date is the date when the goods arrive at our warehouse. Due to possible delays in freight, the goods cannot arrive within our budget. We will modify the product launch date according to the actual situation.
Q How do I cancel my bill?
A For orders placed within our company, billing cancellations are generally not permitted, except in special circumstances. If you really need to cancel the bill under special circumstances, please email our customer service department (, but this does not mean that we have accepted the application for bill cancellation.
Q I received the package, but some products are not included in the bill, what is the reason?
A It may be that some of the products you ordered are pre-order products, or it may be because some products in the bill need extra time to be shipped. In order to prevent customers from waiting too long, we will send some products in the bill first. Products that have not yet been shipped will be resent in the future. Please rest assured that in this case, we will not charge additional service fees and shipping fees.


Q What forms of payment can I use on your website?
A We provide credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal online payment services. If you would like to use our foreign currency wire transfer service, please contact our customer service department ( But please note that the wire transfer service takes about 7 working days, so the delivery time will be delayed. Our settlement currency is Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).
Q When will you debit my credit card account for the product fee?
A We will charge your credit card account on the next working day after your successful payment, including products that have been launched and pre-ordered.
Q I have decided to pay back, when will I receive the money?
A If you have confirmed the payment with our customer service department, the accounting department will return the payment within 2 working days, but it takes time for the bank to process the payment, and it usually takes 3-5 working days to return the payment to you In your credit card account, you can check your credit card monthly statement; if you use Paypal, the payment will be completed and received immediately.
Q Do I have to pay taxes and duties?
A Import tax and duties may be applicable, depending on the destination country. You are responsible for all import taxes and duties. The courier or your local post office will contact you with further details for customs clearance. Please note that customs clearance procedures may delay the delivery time.
Q I need your company's billing invoice, will you send it to me?
A When you complete your online shopping, our system will email you an invoice immediately, and you do not need to reply to the invoice email, because it is automatically generated and sent by the system; if you cannot receive our invoice email, please log in to our In the member area, there is a message center to record any messages we send you.
Q I have paid by wire transfer, how do I let you know?
A We recommend that you scan the bank's wire transfer slip and email it to our customer service department (


Q Will your company deliver to my country?
A Our company provides global freight service, no matter which country you are in, we will send the goods to you.
Q How do I know the shipping cost to my country?
A You can find it on the cart checkout page. Our shopping cart will automatically display the shipping fee with the selected total product weight. Please put all your wanted products and proceed with checkout page. Our system will calculate the shipping fee for you.
Q I have already shopped on your website, when will I receive the goods?
A We will start collecting the products you need from the moment you complete your shopping. Sometimes, our warehouse may be out of stock for a certain product. In this case, our procurement department will pick up the product directly from the supplier. Due to the above reasons, we will ship the product you have purchased within 1-5 working days sent. Our courier service will usually takes 5-7 working days to your place.
Q How do I check the shipping status of a product?
A After each shipment of the product you purchased, we will send you an e-mail notification. You can find the relevant tracking number under the notice, then visit our postal company webpage and enter the tracking number into the website,
to know the status of the mail.
Q I checked on your company website that the product has been sent, but it has been a week, why haven't I received the product yet?
A You may encounter the situation is
* Your product is being inspected at customs in your country, and they may be randomly sampling incoming shipments.
* The mailing address you gave us is not detailed or complete, and your post office cannot deliver to your address. In this case, we would suggest that you directly call the postal department of your country, and then tell us your mail inquiry number. Generally, you can solve it by yourself. If you still can’t find it, we can send you a letter locally to inquire, but since different countries and companies are involved, the processing time can be up to 3 months. We absolutely recommend that you provide a detailed address when shopping in our company, the more detailed the better.



    Q How can I become your member ?
    A You can register as a member on our website, and you can become a member by entering simple personal information on our website. In addition, we will handle your information carefully, please check our "Privacy" page for details.
    Q How can I modify my personal information?
    A You have logged into our member area and amended the relevant fields in My Account.
    Qforgot my password, what should I do?
    A Our website provides the function of resetting the password. You only need to click the link of "Forgot your password" in the login member area and enter your registered email address, our system will automatically send you an email , you can log in to the member area from this email to change your password.

    Cooperation opportunity

    Q We  are an overseas distributor, can I cooperate with your website?
    A We are happy to serve you, please contact our customer service department (, we will discuss the details with you.

    Local customers

    Q I am a local customer, can I shop at your company's stores?
    A Sorry, you can't. Our company does not have a sales office, so we cannot purchase in person.
    Q Is the Hong Kong address displayed on your website not a sales office ?
    A That's our company's delivery center, and we don't do any toy shopping there.