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How to buy items offers customers the option to shop on the website as a registered member or a guest. By registering as a member, customers can enjoy specified promotions and discounts in the regular promotion campaign that takes place each month.

When shopping on the website, customers can use the convenient shopping basket to directly submit the total amount of goods for checkout after purchasing all the goods, which saves members the time of online shopping. To add items to the shopping basket, customers simply need to press the "Add to Cart" button while browsing goods on the website. The product will be automatically added to the shopping basket.

Customers can also change the quantity of selected products in the shopping basket and remove selected products. The shopping basket will automatically update all requests immediately and re-bill accordingly.

When customers are ready to proceed to payment, they can press the "Checkout" button and choose a payment method and mailing address. It's important to check and confirm whether the consignee's information and address are correct. If not, customers can change the delivery person's personal or address information.

After confirming that all the information is correct, customers can click "Continue to Payment". The system will then redirect customers to the payment system, which is directly connected to the settlement center. This means that members don't need to worry about payment information being stolen, as shopping on is absolutely safe.

After completing the online payment transaction, the system will switch to the invoice page of At the same time, a shopping invoice will be emailed to the registered email account of the member, and the entire transaction is completed. Customers can log in to their email to view the e-bills that have been issued.