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Mechnicore 1/100 ZMX-42 Fire Hawk Model Kit

Mechnicore 1/100 ZMX-42 Fire Hawk Model Kit

10th Anniversary Masterpiece, Dual Mode Switch

The Mechnicore 1/100 ZMX-42 Fire Hawk model kit is the first product of the Mechnicore 10th Anniversary Project. The kit features a red and black color scheme and a hawk-like design, giving it the overall appearance of a dive bomber. The head, torso, arms, and legs of the kit are all designed in a streamlined style, giving it a powerful presence.

Appearance Design
The kit features a multi-axis joint design, giving it excellent articulation. The joint details are very delicate, including connecting screws, metal bearings, and rubber pads. The kit's main weapon is a large cannon located on the right shoulder. The cannon is made of ABS and alloy, and has excellent strength and rigidity. The cannon details are also very delicate, including cooling fins on the barrel, lenses on the scope, and buttons on the firing mechanism.

A Worthwhile Mention: Two Modes, Freely Switchable
The Mechnicore ZMX-42 Fire Hawk model kit can be freely switched between two modes:

Genesic Heavy Assault: The body's armor is deployed to improve defense and firepower.

MS Close Combat Type: The body's armor is retracted to improve mobility and flexibility.

Two Modes, Meet Different Tactical Needs

In the Genesic Heavy Assault Mode, the kit has higher defense and firepower, making it suitable for long-range combat. In the MS Close Combat Type Mode, the kit has higher mobility and flexibility, making it suitable for close-quarters combat.

The Mechnicore ZMX-42 Fire Hawk is limited to 5,800 sets, and the first-run pre-order will come with a full-body transparent armor, allowing you to showcase the internal structure of the Mechnicore 1/100 ZMX-42 Fire Hawk.

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Expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2024!!
Pre-order now and experience the 10th anniversary masterpiece first!

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