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Online Payment Method

We accept Visa / Master card and Paypal. Your online orders are directly connected to payment system through SSL connection. does not save any your data throughout the process.

Shipment and Delivery

We offer and provide high quality and reliable shipping service, EMS and Airmal Service for overseas customers. SF-Express , Ta-Q-Bin, Local Courier and Tai Po MTR for Hong Kong customers. If customers want other courier services, such as UPS and Fedex, you can send email to for further enquiries.

Service Charge / Handling Fee will not response for any transaction handling fees or service charges that may arise. Please make sure you have an exact amount deposit to our bank account.

Refund Policy for Unsuccessful Delivery

Refund policy does not apply at any situations including damaged, lost, wrong address delivery etc. Otherwise, mailing insurance should be applied. We would issue an additional mailing insurance quotation upon your request. On the other hand, if you want other express shipping method, like UPS or Fedex, please send us the request and contact our customer service They would process after receive your request.

Return Policy

If it is provided to be the factorys' fault, please take photos about the damaged goods conditions and email to our customer service We shall take appropriate actions to tackle the problem. If it is provided to have damaged via shipping services, please report to courier service while you are collecting the parcel. Make sure you have opened case in courier service before you take parcel away from courier service company. We may request from resending the goods to you but we would not bear any additional shipment cost in case any situations can apply. Refund policy is not applied at any situations.

Local Customer

Local customers can exchange goods at Tai Po MTR station. There is no additional shipping cost needed with this service. You can just simply choose Hong Kong as your destinated area and "Self Take" with the shipping choice provided in the cart.


Shipping Method

We provide EMS, Airmal, ec-ship, UPS, Fedex, Ta-q-bin and SF-Express service.

Weight Calculation compares value of (capacity of product / 5000) and product weight, we take the larger value as our shipping reference.
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