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G System 1/72 NZ-666 KSHATRIYA [w/ Plastic Injection Frame]

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 ┆ HKD 5899.00

Ref. No. GS-281
Weight 7.12 kg (Packing materials included)
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Release Date Early 7, 2012
Manufacturer G System
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Product Info

Due to supplier sometimes delay the product release time, our official release date is just only for reference. We cannot guarantee supplier will deliver on time as official stated. The delay time range will sometimes be more than 1 month's time.


An awesome Diorama built with NZ-666 Kshatriya, please visit our blogger Diorama Build : 1/72 NZ-666 Kshatriya

Painted built NZ-666 Kshatriya can check out here Painted Build : 1/72 NZ-666 Kshatriya 


Product codes : GS-281

Overall height : 50cm

Head height : 34cm

Shoulder width : 15.5cm ( 95.5cm when shoulder blinders stretch over )

Overall depth : 119cm ( when the tail stabilizer has been stretched )

Kit weight : 4.5 kgs

No. of G2 “Medium-Grey" resin parts : 99 pcs. 

No. of G3 “Heavy-Grey” resin parts : 72 pcs.

No. of G5 “Blue-Grey” resin parts : 11 pcs.

No. of K0 “Pure-Black” resin parts : 7 pcs.

No. of B4 “Navy-Blue” resin parts : 9 pcs.

No. of Y3 “Orange-Yellow” resin parts : 13 pcs.

No. of R2 “Custom-Red” resin parts : 8 pcs.

No. of S1 “Finishing-Silver” resin parts : 34 pcs.

No. of W1 “Pure-White” resin parts : 39 pcs.

No. of W2 “Grey-White” resin parts : 10 pcs.

No. of E1 “Light-Green” resin parts : 108 pcs.

No. of E2 “Dark-Green” resin parts : 23 pcs.

No. of clear resin parts : 39 pcs.

No. of MU79 made polycaps : 24 pcs.

No. of colored PX-100 parts ( light grey ) : 8 pcs.

No. of colored PX-100 parts ( medium grey ) : 38 pcs.

No. of basic-color PX-100 parts ( white ) : 8 pcs.

No. of A4 sized water decal sheet : 1 pc.

No. of metal sticker : 1 pc.

No. of photo-etch : 3 pcs

No. of plastic injection made action hands: 2 groups

No. of plastic injection made psycomm control funnels : 12 groups

No. of dark-iron coated plastic injection made thrusters : 10 pcs ( 5 groups )

No. of soft rubber cord : 1 pc. (Ø4mm x 160mm )

No. of mono-copper-core rubber cord : 1 pc. ( Ø4mm x 200mm )

No. of springs : 3 pcs. ( Ø3mm x 200mm )

No. of alluminium made mini parts : 272 pcs.

No. of copper rod : 1 pcs. ( Ø2 x 100 mm )

No. of screws of various standards: 189 pcs.

Silver coated copper-made pins : 44 pcs.

No. of dark-iron coated metal thrusters and relevant parts : 16 pcs.

No. of rubber rings : 36 pcs.

No. of stainless-steel made stretchable hydraulic arms : 8 pcs.

No. of LED components : Yellow LED x 38 / Blue LED x 19 /

3.6V 1200mAH Ni-MH Battery x 1 / Recharger x 1 / Coin battery base x 2 / Large band switch x 1 / Small band switch x 2 / LR41 Batttery x 2

"NEW-G” Plastic injection made pre-assembled internal robot frame #FPI-ABS-NGF1-060 : 1 set

No. of 4R photos : 3 pcs. With the successful release of the "New-G plastic-injection made pre-assembled robot internal frame", and recent market request on a reproduction on one of our representative product

1/72 NZ-666 "Kshatriya", we have reformed the master model of the kit by fitting into this highly-actionable and stable frame. SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE KIT

- The kit works on a firm action-mechanism using the plastic injection made robot frame ;

- The kit is accompanied with a New-G pre-assembled robot frame figure in a separate gift box ;

- Completely new design of the gift box with all surfaces and main cover printed in 4 colors ;

- The rest of resin parts are made in 12 pre-colored resin.

- All ingredient, like LED installations and metal parts still remains.

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